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Obsolete Testing Notes & not linked from anywhere in the wiki

VirtualBox 2.2.0 on Vista64 host

  • iso image boots into Sugar successfully
  • VBox disc boots into Sugar successfully
  • yum install file conflict error. See Trac ticket#724.
  • Bridged & NAT networking works

Eee PC 900a, Eee Pc 701 4G

  • boots from SD-card
  • wlan works
  • german localisation works
  • neighbourhood works
  • sharing activities works (write, chat, speak, puzzle)
  • usb-stick is recognized
  • external mouse is recognized
  • builtin webcam works with record activity (activate in bios)
  • builtin microphone works with record activity
  • loudness is low on 900a
  • german keyboard layout is missing!
  • mesh networking wlan ?