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VirtualBox 2.2.0b2 on Vista64 host

  • Boots from iso image into Sugar
  • Network OK bridged or NAT
  • Terminal prompt: [liveuser@localhost ~]$

  • /dev/dm-1 on /media/Soas2-2009040110 (with 0 MB free) shown as resource in Frame

Live USB on XO-1 with q2e32 firmware

I used LiveUSB Creator to put this build on 1.90GB USB flash drive with 256 persistent area.

There's a delay of over a minute delay at a blank screen, after the "hot dog" screen shows boot completed.

All the known issues with Fedora builds on XO listed at olpc:Rawhide-XO#Known issues are still present: I have to hold down the check key, no sound, no power management, many OLPC keyboard keys don't work, etc.

Browse failures

Browse failed to start. The first time the globe icon pulsed, I looked away, and after about 30 seconds the Journal displayed and there was no Browse in the frame or Alt+Tab. The second time the world icon pulsed, I saw the Browse window appear with "File not found", and then the Journal displayed. Both times I saw nothing relevant in ~/.sugar/default/logs or /var/log/messages. The WebAactivity log showed "Received SaveYourself", "Received SaveComplete". I had no network connectivity.

The default home page for Browse is /usr/share/library-common/index.html which does not exist (see bug 574 and 645). I created a dummy page here and Browse started fine!

I tried browsing file:///home/liveuser and Browse hung, putting up a busy cursor.

I restarted Browse from Terminal using `sugar-launch org.laptopWebActivity` and tried browsing, again with no internet connectivity. That locked Browse, and it eventually died with "Illegal instruction". Since Browse starts at if /usr/share/library-common/index.html does not exist, this is probably the same lockup as the first.