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Design Team/Logo Ideas

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Please add your logo ideas to the image gallery.
====Wiki page cross-reference====
See also the related page [[Marketing Team/Logo]]
====Sugar Logo based on Activity Icons====
I got this from the upper left hand corner of the wiki site. It is optimized for a black background - sorry. But I really like this since it is slightly different from the XO logo - by being thicker and having a hard candy pattern. It's my favorite from the list so far.--[[User:ThePlaz|ThePlaz]] 17:16, 26 May 2008 (UTC)
I like this a lot because it leverages the brand awareness of the OLPC XO and also suggests the physical nature of the substance sugar. - [[User:Docdtv|Docdtv]]
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:May violate [[Talk:DesignTeamDesign Team/Logo-ideasIdeas#Sugar_CRM|Sugar CRM]]'s trademark.
====Sugar Cube====
:May violate [[Talk:DesignTeamDesign Team/Logo-ideasIdeas#Sugar_CRM|Sugar CRM]]'s trademark.
====Building Blocks====
====Letter blocks with "spilled" sugar cubes====
I think the extant "building blocks" ideas already suggested are a great start!
But consider taking something LIKE the following image of sugar cubes...
...and then replacing SOME of the cubes with COLORFUL, WOODEN building blocks which are "unnaturally" the SAME SIZE as the sugar cubes. The choice and position of the letters used on the blocks are important. Ones to consider include O, L, P, C and X, O and L, A, B. S. - [[User:Docdtv|Docdtv]]
====A connected community of learners====
[[User:Bernie|bernie]] 14:07, 27 January 2009 (UTC)
[[Category:DesignTeamDesign Team]] [[Category:Sugarlabs logo]]
The icon for Sugarlabs should have the following qualities in order to appeal to children

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