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Development Team/Jhbuild

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Some general advice
If you're stuck or if you get strange errors, feel free to ask for help on the [[Sugar_Labs/Contacts#irc.freenode.net_channels|#sugar IRC channel]] or the [[Sugar_Labs/Contacts#Developer_Lists|sugar-devel mailing list]]. Don't waste too much time chasing strange problems: usually it's caused by some basic, easy to fix problem. You might also want to check the [ bug tracker] to see if it's a known issue.
==Jhbuild FAQ==
<dgd> jhbuild build on fedora requires 29 packages on Ubuntu904 38... should I be concerned with the diff in number?
<sdziallas> dgd: this can be caused by different packaging policies...
<dgd> sdziallas, ergo not a reason for concern, thanks!
==Check out sugar-jhbuild==

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