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===Project Ideas===
# Current Project and/or current main focus
#* [ Library /Book Reader]. Thousands of books stored on the XS which children are able to pull over the network either as whole book or bit by bit as they read them on their XO's.#** Status: currently under development#**Additionally, they can "check out" books and bring them home on their laptops to read at home, or while not connected to the XS.#*** Status: currently under development#**This may prove to be more economical than the proposal of distributing text via SDcards as it would allow for a wider range of content per available Gigabyte. One 40 gig hard disk library would hold 10 times as much content as ten, 4-GB SDcards replicated with identical content.#*** Status: currently under development#** Run said books through Pootle, so children have access to books not in their native tongue.#*** Status: currently under development#** Essentially, a backend to the read activity.#*** Status: currently under development#*In class quizzing. Teachers ask questions, students respond using their XO, quiz results stored on XS. (Think the [ I>clicker]) I believe similar concepts were proposed by [ Alex Jones]#*** Status: not started#**Possibility of parsing of information, possible graphical heuristics.#*** Status: not started
# Completed projects and tasks
#* Fix Ejabber#** Status: Ejabber is running and working. XO's can communicate#*** To use Ejabber point XO server to #* Configure Moodle to our needs#** Status: We currently do not have a project that needs moodle
# Future project ideas
#* Create an Activity(Application) for RIT XOs so students can easily access Moodle#** Status: not started#* Moodle xo python api#** Status: not started#* XO Backup/Restore#** Status: not started#* XO Security []#** Status: not started#* Deployment "whitebook"#** Status: not started#* Provide a service that allows teachers/volunteers (who don't speak English) in actual deployments to communicate via email with technical support volunteers by using the translating service [ Pootle]. Incoming and outgoing "tagged" emails would be translated in and out of the server on arrival / departure of the XS.#** Status: not started
===Reading Library===


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