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<P>'''Future project ideas'''
* Provide a school server test and development environment for the Honors Seminar participants
* Develop School Server systems administration skills
** Backup registered XOs or Sugar Sticks
*** <font color="red">Status:</font> not started
** Host Moodle content developed in class
*** <font color="red">Status:</font> Moodle is installed but not fully configured
* Test and Debug OLPC - Sugar Labs School Server software
** currently running (insert image name)
*** <font color="red">Status:</font> upgraded to latest Server image
* Develop a School Server SysAdmin training curriculum for volunteers who want to support an OLPC or Sugar deployment
** Basic documentation and support is being compiled
*** <font color="red">Status:</font> not complete
* Create an Activity(Application) for RIT XOs so students can easily access Moodle
** <font color="red">Status:</font> not started


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