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=Current Projects=
==Summary of School Server Fall 2009 Seminar Project==
The XO school Server, or XS, is one of the products of the OLPC project, designed to complement the XO laptop. It is a Linux-based OS (a Fedora-based distribution) engineered to be installed on generic low-end servers. When we deploy one laptop per child, we must also provide additional infrastructure extending the capabilities of the laptops. While the laptops are self-sufficient for many learning activities, other activities and services depend on the School Server providing connectivity, shared resources and services. Services, tools and activities running on the School Server allow asynchronous interaction, can use larger storage capacity, and take advantage of the processing power of the XS.
===Current Additions in development===
# Create an ebook reader server/client system
#* <font color="red">Status:</font> currently under way
==Projects involved in==
[ Math4Team at RIT]
[ RIT running projects]
[ RIT Honors Seminar]
==Students and Peers==
[ RIT Fall 2009 Students]


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