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== Development systems ==
All of core Sugar development except system-dependent modifications can be done on a standard computer by compiling [[Development Team/Jhbuild|jhbuild]] and editing with your favorite editor (eclipse/pydev, emacs, vim, etc.). Activity (aka application) development can be done in many environments using pre-compiled [[Supported_systems#Sucrose|packages]] ("sucrose") or [[Supported_systems#Starch|images]] ("starch").
See also the [[Platform Team/Sweets]] technology.
== Document your work ==
== Package Sucrose for your distribution ==
* Currently there are efforts to maintain Sugar as part of [[Community/Distributions/Debian|Debian]], [[Community/Distributions/Ubuntu|Ubuntu]], and [[Community/Distributions/Fedora|Fedora]].
* Help us maintain good communication with distribution packagers to assist in this. Start a Join the [[Packaging Platform Team]].
== Kill Bugs! ==