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Design Team/Proposals/Touchscreen

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Some additional touchscreen bugs/features
= Other =
[CSA: adding here some issues which aren't in the above table, not sure how they fit in]
; Keyboard hints: show different keyboards for numeric, URL, or free-text input. (For example, TurtleArt wouldn't show the full keyboard when it just needs you to enter a number.)
; Hover palettes: might need to be offset more from finger location to be useable on touchscreen (so that the finger doesn't cover up the palette when it pops up)
; Drag to scroll: I prototyped this with "drag from top" / "drag from bottom" to scroll, it wasn't so bad. Simply mapping two-finger scroll to mouse scroll buttons gets you pretty far, although there are some focus issues to deal with -- it should first focus the element under the scroll start location, and *then* send it mouse scroll wheel events
; Slide to switch zoom levels: just requires binding F12,F13 etc to "zoom out" and "zoom in", so olpc-kbdshim can emit the proper function key instead of trying to remember what zoom level it is in.
; Uniform support for "mouseover" events: perhaps "swiping down" from a button will reveal its mouseover tool tips, for example. This is a bit of a hack, but it might make all the existing sugar activities which rely on mouseover more usable.

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