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Using the Log files to find errors
Assume you made a typing error, you accidentally deleted the closing quote mark " in line 70 when you were editing "Hello World!". The activity would not run, you might get an error like this:[[File:Failedtostart.jpg]]
Click on the Show log files button [[File:Show-logfiles.jpg]] , the left hand pane will show the list of logfiles. Because our Activity is named testgtk2, we are looking for the file org.sugarlabs.testgtk2. If you have started testgtk2 multiple times then there are multiple logfiles. Click on org.sugarlabs.testgtk to read the logfile. The error message tells that it is line 70 of , Somewhere near In the string "Hello World!, it got confused at the opening quote. It got to the end of line EOL while scanning the string. [[File:Develop-logfiles.jpg]]
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