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[[File:SugaronastickAvocado-320px.png|320px|right|link=Sugar on a Stick|Click Me!]]
* Google Summer of Code 2015 is wrapping up. The students have been writing their final blog reports, submitting last-minute patches, and uploading their code to Google. I want to take this opportunity to thank all of our students and their mentors for all their hard work this summer. (Also, thanks once more to Google for supporting this program.) Great strides along many fronts were made. Specifically, Michaël Ohayon worked on Web versions of some core activities for the Sugarizer project: Calculate, Paint (with collaboration, Record, and Memorize. He also submitted patches to Turtle Blocks to make it compatible with Sugarizer. Mentor: Lionel Laske) Yash Khandelwal worked on Music Blocks AKA Mouse Music. This is a powerful, playful model for music in a block language. (Mentors: Devin Ulibarri and Marnen Laibow-Koser) Ishan Sharma revisited the Turtle 3D concept, rewriting it in Javascript. (Mentor: Walter) Amit Kumar Jha worked on extensions to Turtle programming this summer. He added argument passing and return values to procedures, passing arguments to and returning values from Turtle programs so that Turtle Blocks can be used for in-line programming by all Javascript activities, and he developed a unit=test framework for Turtle Blocks JS that can be extended to all of our Javascript activities. (Mentor: Walter) Richa Sehgal worked on a framework to support off-line Web programming, an interactive Javascript shell. She's submitted patches to the upstream Browse activity. (Mentor: Tony Anderson) Vibhor Sehgal and Utkarsh Dhawan, although not officially GSoC students, worked with Tony and Richa on a parallel project, Web Confusion, a series of programming challenges in the spirit of Turtle Confusion to encourage students. (Mentor: Tony Anderson) Abhinav Anurag made some progress on a Web collaboration framework for our Javascript activities. (Mentors: Martin Abente and Lionel Laske)
* [[0.106/Notes|Sugar 106]] has been released!! See [] for a quick video summary of the new features.
* The Fedora 22 release of [[Sugar on a Stick]] is available with [[0.104/Notes|Sugar 0.104]]. We thank Peter Robinson and the many community members who have helped with testing and feedback.
* Our Google Summer of Code interns are: Abhinav, Ishan, Yash, Michaël, Richa, and Amit. Looking forward to a fun and productive summer.
* Are you a developer who is new to Sugar? Consider helping us with our [ HTML5/Javascript framework].
* Celebrate [ Turtle Art Day].
== Archival entries ==
* Our Google Summer of Code interns are: Abhinav, Ishan, Yash, Michaël, Richa, and Amit. Looking forward to a fun and productive summer.
* [[0.104/Notes|Sugar 104]] has been released. Many thanks to our release manager, Martin Abente. Note that well over 50% of the patches to Sugar Activities came from youths in the Sugar community and just under 50% of the patches to Sugar core libraries came from youths in the Sugar community.
* Congratulations to Ignacio Rodríguez and Sam Parkinson, the grand-prize winners from Sugar Labs in [ Google Code-in]. Our finalists are Cristian Garcia, Daksh Shah, and Jae Eun (Jasmine) Park.

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