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Oversight Board/Minutes

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If you have an idea or a question to discuss with Oversight Board members gathered in one place at the same time, please [[Wiki_Team/Guide/Editing_Pages#How_to_edit_one_section|add new entry]] to the list below, at least prior to ~48 hours before the [[#Next meeting|scheduled time]] to let the meeting chairman form the final agenda and/or contact with you if so.
* ''What are our biggest issues right now?''** [[User:Alsroot/Sugar_Architecture#Implementation|some ideas from technical pov]], [[User:Alsroot|alsroot]] 05:36, 24 December 2010 (EST):**# Educators, designers and user experience specialists are the real core of the Sugar. Since, imho, Sugar is not a particular software project but an education related ecosystem.**# Lack of full-functional support of doers workflow.* ''add question /topic with detailed information here''
The discussion topics for upcoming meetings are listed [[#Agenda items|below]]. Topics will be collected between meetings, triaged by the meeting chair, and send out in the meeting announcement on ~24 hours before the meeting. A reminder to add topics will be announced in the [[Sugar_Labs/Current_Events|Sugar Digest]].
=== Next meeting===
Monday, 2016-0103-04 05 at 23 16 UTC
Email slobs at lists dot sugarlabs dot org to propose a topic queue to be brought up.
Please contact an oversight-board member to add topics to be considered for the meeting.
=== Open discussion topics=== {||width=50%; valign=top|Administrative* Committee reportsi18n strategy (tony)** Local Labssunset rule for voting (adam)** Membership/Sponsorshipremoval of members (adam)** Eventsmarketing strategy (lionel)** Deploymentoverall strategy (sameer)** Infrastructure * Funding** Grant status** Donations to our supporting partners |width=50%; valign=top|* Partnerships** Relationship with OLPC * Misc** Website/wiki|}GSoC mentors (walter)
=== Past meetings ===

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