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  • *A major feature of f18 is the development of newUI a new anaconda. {{Note/note|WAIT until Installation source and software selection checking finishes before clicking on any spokes otherwise install
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  • ...l services and content. The BERNIE project is an attempt to put all of the software and content needed to deploy XOs with a school server on a single 1TB hard ...oftware and the wealth of new content becoming available. At a school, the software and content needs to be updated only once a year at the beginning of each s
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  • ...ting up a development environment for Sugar on Raspberry Pi, because Sugar development on generic computers is focused on those operating systems. - write the image to a microSD card, using software such as Fedora Media Writer,, or the [
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  • ...OEM like this case we would want to agree what you are including with our software and how you are using our trademark before we give permission. Approval by a trademark bot since you are using the software unchanged. Approval subject to you confirming you agree to our standard con
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  • Q. What is the timeline for development of your project? The Summer of Code work period is 7 weeks long, May 23 - A Ans. I am an active member of my college society SDUT (Software Development Unit of TITS) which is aimed at developing projects for our college.
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  • There are several options for setting up the Sugar desktop environment for development, depending on what equipment you have; | Install virtualisation software, make a new virtual machine and install [[Live Build|Sugar Live Build]], [[
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  • ...d/SugarUsandoSoftwareLibreParaAprender/sugar.pdf Sugar and the use of Free Software]. the FOSS way of software development.) The remix includes a ready-to-go development environment for contributing to educational projects and getting-started re
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  • ...ote:''' Most of this page was copied from [[OLPC:Developers/Stack#Activity Development Stacks]], so most of the links refer to pages in the OLPC wiki, [[olpc:The ...he individual activities are the Sugar Framework ("Glucose") and the Sugar Software Stack (the upper part of "Ribose").
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  • So, the right answer could be a more scalable and decentralized development model. That doesn't mean we should follow only a decentralized model, but w Activity development could be based on a pair of software-level solutions that are tied to each other.
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  • * Governance and the Software Freedom Conservancy ...are in line with the Sugar Labs vision. It is extremely important to push development and support into the hands of local organizations because: (1) it scales; (
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  • * Develop Local content and software that can be used not only for local purposes but also for the overall commu ...zation of conferences, workshops, talks and meetings related to the use or development of Sugar
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  • ...ce, distribute, and support the use of the Sugar learning platform, a free software project. ...d pedagogical practice; providing localization and internationalization of software, content, and documentation; and providing integration and customization se
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  • ...tives related to teacher training and professional development (FLOSS math software, LMS Moodle, Wikipedia), developing OpenCourseware ([http://www.edicionlibr ...ICT local proyect deployment to forrest learning and teacher professional development in Chile. This initiative promoted by the [ In
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  • ...Sugar Labs® is supported by donations and is seeking funding to accelerate development. ..., distributes, and supports the use of the Sugar learning platform, a free software system that is freely available to anyone who wants to use or extend it.
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  • team which does all this great work in the background without which the development would not be possible at all, * the deployments that provide the development team with feedback from the field,
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  • ==SuperKids Educational Software Review== Published by the Software Usability Research Laboratory (SURL),
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  • ...their teachers — have the freedom to reshape, reinvent, and reapply their software, and content. Sugar is based on GNU/Linux, a free and open-source operating * [[0.84/Notes|Sucrose 0.84]] (Development Release) has been released.
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  • * Software framework for * Volunteer Recruitment, Pipeline and Leadership development
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  • *USAID's [ Afghan Small and Medium Enterprise Development (ASMED)] together to improve education and bring new opportunities for economic development through low cost computing and computer literacy for the Afghanistan's futu
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  • prompted me to write about the relationship between Sugar Labs and free software. ...g the development of Sugar were necessary in the creation of Sugar and the development of Sugar ”products” will require dedicated in-kind contributions from i
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  • ...ket.''' A ticket is a way for anyone to suggest to the software or project development community that they should work on something. Tickets are used by [[Development Team|core developers]], [[Activity Team|Activity authors]], organized [[Bug
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  • *List of free teaching software (german) *Collection of free teaching software with tagged OS and screenshots, more than 80 pages in PDF
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  • ...918110925298 Groklaw] (with lots of help from Sean); and a presentation at Software Freedom Day. My favorite quote from the paper is: "The context for human development is always a culture, never an isolated technology."
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  • ...synthesis of ideas—is the most efficient means of invention and subsequent development. The “intelligence is in the leaves” and those who unleash that intelli ...iticism of ideas is a powerful force in learning and in fostering economic development; unleashing that is an important part of the mission. Conventional wisdom s
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  • profesores — tienen la libertad para reformar, reinventar, y rehacer su software, y el contenido. Sugar está basado en GNU/Linux, un sistema operativo libr ...their teachers — have the freedom to reshape, reinvent, and reapply their software, and content. Sugar is based on GNU/Linux, a free and open-source operating
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  • ...evels, making it possible for children to learn ideas at earlier stages of development, and to go much deeper into those ideas. There is substantial research that
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  • * (Software Freedom Conservancy) SFC. :Simon reported on [[Development Team/Meetings#Form_the_Sugarlabs_Bugsquad|the creation of the BugSquad]]. W
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  • ==Mako's Essay on Funding Free Software Projects (extract)== ...nce against the introduction of paid labor into a primarily voluntary free software project; so this is far from a neutral starting point. Nonetheless, let the
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  • professores — têm a libertade para reformular, reinventar e refazer seu software e o seu conteúdo. Sugar é baseado em GNU/Linux, um sistema operacional li ...their teachers — have the freedom to reshape, reinvent, and reapply their software, and content. Sugar is based on GNU/Linux, a free and open-source operating
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  •, and its availability to translators, distributors and deployers. See [[Development Team/Release/Modules]] for a list of modules with their maintainers and pee smaller group of people aren't the only ones that can contribute to the development of Sugar itself. Anyone with some spare time and enough skills and passion
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  • * Current affiliation with Sugar Labs: maintainer of the [[Development Team/Buildbot|build infrastructure]] * Name of project: Version support for [[Development Team/Datastore Rewrite|data store]] / [[Design_Team/Designs/Journal|Journal
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  • ==Getting started in Activity development== === Activity development tutorials ===
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  • In Terminal activity, install some necessary software: If you are building a development environment on Ubuntu or Linux Mint, install the following packages instead
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  • ...and focus closely on the parts of the UI that pertain directly to software development and the ways in which applications, presented as "[[Human_Interface_Guidel ...s around such otherwise familiar terms that you should consider throughout development.
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  • ...k will end with the [ SFScon2009] the annual Free Software conference in South Tyrol. * 0.88 Sucrose Development Release Roadmap
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  • infrastructure for installation, reviews, and ratings. (Activity development infrastructure will be hosted elsewhere.) * Development - fixing bugs, committing patches, and pushing them upstream.
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  • Dennis responded asking him what development environment he has used in the past and received the following response:<br The way I developed all the software was through Ubuntu. It's a very easy to use Linux distribution and it has a
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  • * To follow good software engineering practices during development * Limited time available for development
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  • ...n mentored Yash Khandelwal, a student from IIT Hyderabad, on Music Blocks, software designed for teachers and learners to explore the fundamental concepts of m to study, without restriction, both how to use the software and how the software itself works, i.e., how it transforms their instructions into their musical
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  • :[[Development_Team/Release/Modules| Activity Information In Depth]] Development Team Release Modules :[[Activity_Library/Devel]] ASLO development information
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  • '''Blocker''' Blocks development and/or testing work ...based on subjective questions like 'would we be embarrassed to release the software with this bug.'
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  • ...lman] project. For help with their service, see their [ documentation page]. ...bsp; [ Sugar on a Stick (SoaS)] || Development of live Sugar distributions
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  • The public can learn that it is the Sugar software that powers those computers; and it is people, dedicated to the Sugar princ ===Learning software===
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  • ...-thinking skills, and to further the development of diverse communities of development and support around the needs of teachers and learnings. Children are not of ...fort because we demand a level of engagement missing from most educational software: Sugar is about the “hard fun” of learning as opposed to the facility o
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  • Wellington and Auckland were recognized for their contributions to Free Software in NZ. ...t from Uruguay has posted two new activities: an image viewer and a Python development environment. Meanwhile, ASLO reports over 4.25 million downloads.
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  • .... Not only this but enhancing the User Experience of the products of Sugar Software will also be one of my target in the coming future.
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  • * What is the timeline for development of your project? The Summer of Code work period is 7 weeks long, May 23 - A ...increased interest in programming and open source software. My interest in software started when I took an introductory course on C programming. In this course
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  • For software, this task is divided into two steps: * Internationalization (I10n): Developing features in underlying software that enables localization;
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  • Also, you will likely need to set up the Sugar development environment. See for ...lopment process. At Sugar Labs, we are trying to bring the culture of Free Software into the culture of school. So the Code-in is not just an opportunity for u
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  • ...the discussion about appropriate uses of computers in education, including software design, textbook redesign, and other content, and about what computers are ...synthesis of ideas—is the most efficient means of invention and subsequent development. The “intelligence is in the leaves” and those who unleash that intelli
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