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  • =====[[File:CD.png]] [ '''SCK-USB (CD.i *This is an Archive of the Sugar Creation Kit - Most wiki pages were Downloaded on 12/30/2011
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  • ...lecting this link will take you to the first untranslated message for this file. The last column shows the current commit status. Don't depend on it fully. ...eview suggestions and approve suggestions from other translators, catch up with the latest message files, commit translations to the repository and then ma
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  • <span class="weblink">[[File:Fedora.jpg|link=]]</span> {{Template:Fedora Versio :Listing of all test pages on wiki
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  • ...ment, because the 'get_preferred_connection' API of the toolkit seem to be broken atm. Sharing in Read which does not use this API works. <span style="backg * represent loading status, update the bottom overlay with a status message '''DONE'''
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  • ...ces. It is documentation that explains to a developer who is going to work with the program, or a developer who is going to work on a program, how things w works and what it is supposed to do. So your audience is clear to start with. The benefits of apidox come when someone else (or maybe even you several m
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  • work''' - I am based out of New Delhi, India (+5.30 GMT). I am flexible with timings and can work for 3-5 hours everyday. open-source project before? If so, please send us URLs to your profile pages for those projects or some other demonstration of the work that you have do
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  • ...iews and Nominated Add-ons. As explained in the [ sandbox model], pending updates are new versions of add-ons that ha When you click on an activity to review, you'll see a review page with the following elements:
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  • free and widely available. We will provide thousands of children with additional learning resources. MAFH players will learn in and out of the cl to see pictures, videos, and read articles showing others having fun with Fortune Hunter™ and Fortune Maker™!
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  • *Annotated screen shots with Links (that was broken since global redesign started after 0.88 release).
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  • ...t as learning is not something done to you, but something you do, learning with Sugar ultimately means participating in the Sugar development process. At S ;Research: An organization may need help crunching numbers or sorting through pages of documents to better understand what the users want or need. There are m
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