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What is it?

The Starch installer is a work-in-progress project for providing a single, cross-platform installer for most or all distribution images including Sugar. The idea is to provide a single application and single set of instructions for installing a fully operational system including Sugar.


  • cross-platform installer (i.e. can be run on Mac OS X (Intel/PPC), Windows and as many Linux/BSD/whatever (any architecture) distros as possible)
  • cross-distro installation (i.e. can install Fedora, Ubuntu, Debian, ... images)
  • installation to flash media (USB stick, SD card) and hard disk, supporting several disk layouts
  • "lightweight" (small download size, low RAM requirement)
  • modularized for easy extension
  • configurable to allow presetting source + target options (e.g. SoaS could preset the source to /dev/live)
  • works both outside Sugar and as an activity (Journal integration for downloads)
  • GUI and CLI modes
  • offline (use pre-downloaded image) and online (download image) operation
  • updating existing targets, preserving changes if possible


  • "native" distro installation, i.e. using RPM/deb/... packages as source (though distros are able to write a module to do this)


  • can use local copy of image (already downloaded file, /dev/live) or download via internet, including updating an existing image (via rsync)
  • automatic detection of source image type (e.g. Fedora Live ISO, Debian Live ISO)
  • automatic detection of target devices (needs platform/distro specific modules)
  • supports verification (PGP, SHA-*) of images