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CD.png SCK-USB (CD.iso)
103 MB
  • This is an Archive of the Sugar Creation Kit - Most wiki pages were Downloaded on 12/30/2011
A set of Annotated screen shots as .html files with the accompanying folder containing the files for the .html
  • Intended to be used with no internet connection on the XO-1, XO-1.5, SoaS, and Trisquel-Sugar by students/teachers

Firefox-select.png SCK-Sugar Creation Kit.png

Click on XO-1.5 screenshots to enlarge
<===(back) use browser back arrow to return
CAUTION THE LINKS ON THE WIKI PAGES MAY NOT WORK (unless you have a Internet Connection)
This Version works correctly from a USB-stick; The USB-stick should be fat 16/32 and labeled "SCK" (In CAPS)
copy/paste the contents of the CD to this USB-Stick
All .html files have a Blue Bar at the top of the page
Follow the Blue Bar Links to Go Directly to the other pages of the tutorial
Page Links marked with * in front of their name also will work off-line.
Hint: Hit the Browser <== (back) arrow if you need to return to the previous page
  • NO INTERNET connection and are using the CD instead of a USB-stick:
Blue Bars and * links will not work.
GO TO the next level folder (0-3) to see the .html Pages using firefox
Use firefox File/open: search for xxxx.html to open each one individually.
  • Contents:
4 levels of .html files from the Sugar Creation Kit wiki page of and some (Off-Site) .html files
0-)Sugar Creation Kit Page
SCK_USB_ReadMeFirst.txt - This File
Sugar_Creation_Kit.html - Start firefox here
firefox-6.xo - (see Installation below)
- install this Browser if you are running sugar-desktop; or Soas; XO-1 XO-1.5.
- This Browser is required to fully view these .html pages
1-) Direct links from the (0) top level Sugar_Creation_Kit.html page - including some (Off-Site) .html files
2-) Community Distribution Pages
3-) Sweets, Sweets Distribution,
  • Uses:
Intended to be run from a 2nd USB (or CD) where there is NO Internet Connection Available.
A usefull set of wiki pages that teach the basic operations of the Sugar-desktop
"sneakernet" with no internet connection
behind firewall at school.
save bandwidth on servers.
Download once and distribute copies locally
  • Problem with Browse and Surf-115 in SoaS and the XO-1
These browsers will not open the accompanying folder containing the files for the .html.
This results in a web page with no links or .png screenshots
Firefox-6.xo does not use or have sugar-journal access.
This means XO-1 security should not be compromised.
Firefox-6.xo has been sucessfully tested on a G1G1 XO-1 runing os508dx (Dextrose2)
  • Installation - This .iso is intended to be burned to a CD
The CD can be used directly or
copy/paste the contents of the CD to a USB-Stick
The USB should be fat 16/32 and labelled "SCK" (In CAPS)
This is necessary for the links in the Blue Bars to work correctly
  • Insert the USB stick in your XO-1 USB slot
Drag drop the Firefox-6.xo file from the 2nd USB-stick to the Journal - Install it
  • To Open Files in Firefox-6.xo
Click on the firefox icon in (f3) Home screen
File/open file: Select the required .html file on the SCK-USB USB-stick
click on the xxxx.html file
  • Firefox-6.xo installed from this USB-stick has been successfully tested viewing the .html web pages on the USB-stick.
  file:///media/SCK/Sugar_Creation_Kit.html used for the following:
  a G1G1 XO-1 running os508dx - (Dextrose2) 
  a XO-1.5 running os874 - (sugar 0.92.1) 
  a ACER ASPIRE ONE N450 Netbook - (Trisquel-5-Sugar) Live CD - NO Internet Connection 
  a ACER ASPIRE ONE N450 Netbook - (f16-SoaS-Pineapple) Live CD - NO Internet Connection 
  MacBookPro i7  VirtualBox 4.1.6 for OSX with install of Trisquel 5-Sugar (Toast) - NO Internet Connection  
  MacBookPro i7  VirtualBox 4.1.6 for OSX with install of Sugar 0.95.1 in Mageia release 2 (no other browser works on this Distro) - NO Internet Connection 

  MacBookPro i7:file:///Volumes/SCK/xxxx.html used so links are broken here
  Does not follow links in firefox for OSX - NO Internet Connection 
  Requires a second SCK-USB-Mac to be edited in gedit with file:///Volumes/SCK/ used for all ( * ) starred links
  Look at :SCK-USB-MAC-Folder.iso above for Mac USB_stick
  • These web page files were created with "save as" - "web page complete" using firefox.
And subsequently edited/revised in gedit.

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