Sugar Kids QA Team

All the hardcore programmers are working to make Sugar run on top of Linux, while others are working to make sure that Fedora can natively boot and run the XO laptop. Lots of QA work happening in there. But where are the end-users doing QA for Sugar, in the same way other desktop environments communities do?

Sugar Kids QA Team is the solution. The Sugar Kids QA Team goals are:

  • Test Sugar activities early and often
  • Provide feedback directly to the Sugar development team, usually through a parent or teacher coordinator
  • Create a repeatable process for kids QA'ing Sugar
  • Document and publicize the process.

QA Process

We use this template and fill it out during testing:

In essence, it contains this form:

Project: Quality Assurance for Math4 activities on the XO/Sugar platform

Team: XO Kids QA Team (Names)

Task: Basic task description

Activity resolves: 4.N.## Curriculum description.


Method: Generic method to start with: Adults loaded new activity and provided N instruction(s), “” The team was directed to collaborate together to figure out how the activity worked and only ask the adults for help if they got stuck.

Results of method: Team ...


A. How fun was the activity?

  1. Very un-fun
  2. Not fun
  3. A little fun
  4. Fun
  5. Very fun!


B. How hard was it to figure out what you were supposed to do?

  1. Very hard
  2. Hard
  3. Not hard nor easy
  4. Easy
  5. Very easy


C. What didn't work right about the activity?





Team Santa Cruz

Parent coordinator(s): Karsten Wade, Larry Cafiero

Team: Malakai, Saskia, and Mirano are steady members. We are inviting Sigi, Sophia, and Victoria.

Team page: