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business cards

There are four images (orange, blue, magenta, and green) that can be used to make Moo Sugar Labs business cards.

Sugar Labs

Completion of this business card has been left as an exercise for the student.

(Yes, the above design actually has those blank spaces and that text. It's the generic SL business card.)

Sugar Labs Foundation

Bernie Innocenti
Senior Hacker

US:  +1 781 244 3485
EU: +39 377 143 6808
GPG: 71FF4BAC - DD0A C837 C3FA A576 1574  7A2F C451 0307 71FF 4BAC
Sugar Labs Foundation

Walter Bender
Executive Director

Sugar Labs Foundation

Simon Schampijer
Release Manager

Sugar Labs Foundation

Tomeu Vizoso
Hacker Extraordinaire


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