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Below are links to the todo lists of the teams within the Sugar community.

TestingTeam TODO


DevelopmentTeam TODO

Active Tasks

Task Owner Notes
Bug importer from to tomeu (w/m_stone's help) We need to do the Big Move of Sugar bugs. A one-time cost, fortunately. Ed has agreed that the bugs in OLPC trac will be closed with pointers to the SL trac.
Identifying bugs to move from to tomeu, erikos, marco We need a very *very* high-level assessment of bugs to be moved over. Basic, *basic* triage from knowledgeable developers.
Trim down SoaS image sdziallas SoaS-2 is slimmed down already SoaS-1 is not yet
Restructure the Development Team wiki marcopg (later I want to start adding documentation)
Adding buddies not tracked in the PS tomeu Punted to 0.86, when we kill the PS (wait... we're killing the PS?)
Setup mchua

DocumentationTeam TODO


EducationTeam TODO




MarketingTeam TODO


DesignTeam TODO


WikiTeam TODO