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Institution in charge

Educalibre's logo

Educalibre, an educational and technological community founded in late 2004 and now is in the formal process to become an official NGO (process should end in two months. Educalibre, inspired by the Open Education and the FLOSS scope and strategy, has carried out a number of initiatives related to teacher training and professional development (FLOSS math software, LMS Moodle, Wikipedia), developing OpenCourseware (EdiciónLibre) and technical applied knowledge (our wiki), installing FLOSS in school and NGOs tech-labs as well as other network solutions (LTSP), performing seminars (local MoodleMoot, Flisol), working with governmental spheres.

Allies and partners

  • [Innovacien]:
  • Intel Chile
  • Universidad Metropolitana de las Ciencias de la Educación
  • Pontificia Universidad Católica de Valparaíso

Pilots to be deployed

  • Escuela España, Punta Arenas, Chile.
  • Municipalidad de Huechuraba, Santiago

Reach out activities

  • FLISOL 2009, the Latin American FLOSS Install Fest, is one of the FLOSS events, where a stand showed Sugar to the public.
  • X Encuentro Linux, the most important seminar related to FLOSS development and community gathering in Chile, to be held in October 2009.