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== Summary ==
#REDIRECT [[Sugar_Network/API#Node_statistics]]
This page describes the statistics that [[Sugar Network]] nodes generate. The statistics are about the entire server and not [[Platform_Team/Usage_Statistics|personalized]]. Note that the statistics are targeted for the interests of educational researchers rather than service maintainers, for technical details look for [http://jita.sugarlabs.org/node.sugarlabs.org/ HTTP stats].
Statistics will be collected by analyzing regular requests to an API server and stored for each Sugar Network node. It will be  possible to get direct access to these stats using node's [[Sugar_Network/API#Node_statistics|API]].
== Events ==
Statistics will be collected per Sugar Network [[Sugar_Network/Resources|resource type]].
* '''users'''<br>Total number of existing ''User'' objects;
* '''contexts'''<br>Total number of existing ''Context'' objects;
* '''released'''<br>Average number of newly uploaded ''Context.releases'' for specified time frame;
* '''solved'''<br>Average number of requested ''Context'' [[Sugar_Network/API#GET-solve|solutions]] for specified time frame; note that this stats value does not equal to the number of solution usages on client side since solutions might be cached;
* '''reported'''<br>Average number of newly uploaded failure ''Reports'' objects for specified time frame;
* '''topics'''<br>Total number of top-level ''Post'' objects;
* '''posts'''<br>Total number of dependent ''Post'' objects.
== Getting involved ==

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