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Soas-coconut.svg Sugar on a Stick v5 Coconut-RC3

sugar 0.92.1
this is the RC3 version; for testing only at this time
Nightly compose .iso no longer available
see this for a later (Beta).iso: Community/Distributions/Fedora-SoaS#Soas-v5-Coconut_Beta
How Built:
liveinst in root terminal to VirtualBox HD
8-GB VirtualBox hard disc
English and English keyboard
USA-Los Angeles (Pacific timezone)
Cleared of Identity- starts at click to change color after gdm login
Etoys fixed so it starts
sub-menus work on activities
download and import 2 files:  12.5KB  621 MB
  • Login at gdm: sugaruser
password: sugarroot
yum update
  • Problems: f1 Neighborhood does not see Jabber