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Sugar on a Stick is a Fedora® Spin operating system featuring the award-winning Sugar Learning Platform.

Sugar on a Stick will run on

  • any recent notebook or computer that can run Linux, Windows or macOS, using a USB thumbdrive or stick, as a Live USB,
  • a Raspberry Pi 2 or 3, using a microSD card, or;
  • any computer as a virtual machine.

You can use Sugar on a Stick to demo Sugar almost anywhere without disturbing the contents of the computer you use, and if people like what they see, you can install Sugar on a Stick to their hard drives or other sticks from the demo stick.

Our most recent version of Sugar on a Stick was released on 30 October 2018 with Fedora 29.

Download Mirabell.png x86_64 (64-bit), see How to install.

Download Mirabell.png armhfp Raspberry Pi 2 or 3, see How to install.

See also;

See the Spins download page
for the following:

  • ARM® Technology downloads
  • BitTorrent download links
  • Some support links

Fedora Live Respins are like the official release but with officially updated Fedora components.

  • Many bugs have been fixed in these Respins, but new ones may occasionally render the download unbootable.
  • Checksums to verify the integrity of downloads are in a file at the top of the Respins directory.

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