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Help with Testing

With new builds coming frequently, it is sometimes hard to keep track of known problems and temporary workarounds. Sometimes a build will not complete the boot process, or only start certain services.

Testers can help other testers by organizing some of their findings here. Remember different hardware combinations may have different results.

Download guide: Help us test SoaS (beta).

Tests: See Smoke test, and others to come from the BugSquad testing team.

Find your build version in the list of subpages below, or [create a new subpage for an unlisted version]. On the address line of your browser, enter the relevant MMDDhhmm of the version file. (The full address line will be http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/index.php?title=Index.php&title=Sugar_on_a_Stick/GettingInvolved/Testing/Soas2-2009MMDDhhmm&action=edit)