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What is this page?

Arguably there are so many pages on the Sugar on a Stick project that a newcomer will find it difficult to find information easily. This page was produced to help review the possibility that some of the SoaS project pages could be moved to an archive. Additionally we can use this page to flag up to newcomers the "Front of House" pages, and any other "heading" that might be thought fit.

This page is a work in progress - contributions by multiple editors welcome! --Inkyfingers 18:30, 4 March 2012 (EST)

... and in the future ...

I propose this page as a maintenance tool right now, but hopefully after maintenance is complete, the page will provide a useful index or project site-map for newcomers and those reflecting on the history of the project. (All translation pages have been omitted at this stage.)

Sugar on a Stick Project sitemap

Sugar on a Stick Project sitemap
Project Header

Sugar on a Stick - Sugar on a Stick/Getting Involved - Sugar on a Stick/Contacts - Sugar on a Stick/Resources - Sugar on a Stick/FAQ - Sugar on a Stick/Roadmap - Sugar on a Stick/TODO - Sugar on a Stick/Meetings

Current Version

Sugar on a Stick/Quandong, Sugar version 0.96.1, released May 2012. - Sugar on a Stick/Quandong/hashes


Sugar on a Stick/previous versions


Sugar on a Stick/Boot - Sugar on a Stick/Downloads - Sugar on a Stick/Installation - Sugar on a Stick/Linux - Sugar on a Stick/Windows

Install, expert

Sugar on a Stick/Installation/Variations

Sugar in use

Sugar on a Stick/deja-dup - Sugar on a Stick/ebooks - Sugar on a Stick in Delhi India - Sugar on a Stick/Subpages - Sugar on a Stick/Getting Involved/Testing - Sugar on a Stick/Smoke Test - Sugar on a Stick/Stick Layout - Sugar on a Stick/Sugar Clone


Sugar on a Stick/Beta - Improve Sugar on a Stick - Sugar on a Stick/Essence - Sugar on a Stick/Pancake page - Sugar on a Stick/Hardware - Sugar on a Stick release process - Sugar on a Stick/Documentation SOP - Sugar on a Stick/Activity Criteria - Sugar on a Stick/Proposals - Sugar on a Stick/USB format - Sugar on a Stick/sdm - Sugar on a Stick/v7

Off-project links

VirtualBox - LiveOS image - Trisquel On A Sugar Toast

Flagged for maintenance

Sugar on a Stick/Bugs

Sugar on a Stick Bugs

Sugar on a Stick/Meetings - Project Header navigation bar points here.

Sugar on a Stick meetings - marked "may be limited by out-of-date information"
Sugar on a Stick meetings/2010-08-30


Sugar on a Stick/Goals - Sugar on a Stick deployment process

Older versions of SoaS

v.6 Sugar on a Stick/Pineapple, Pineapple (Sugar version 0.94) released November 2011.

Sugar on a Stick/Pineapple/hashes

v.5 Sugar on a Stick/Coconut - Coconut (Sugar version 0.92) released 09 October 2011.

Sugar on a Stick/Coconut/hashes

v.4 Sugar on a Stick/Mango Lassi - Mango Lassi (Sugar version 0.90) released on 02 November 2010.

Sugar on a Stick QA - re v.4, Mango Lassi.

v.3 Sugar on a Stick/Mirabelle - (Sugar version 0.88)

v.2 Sugar on a Stick/Blueberry - (Sugar version 0.86)

Sugar on a Stick/Blueberry/Activities

v.1 Sugar on a Stick/Strawberry - (Sugar version 0.84)

Redirect pages needed for offsite links

Sugar on a Stick/Install

Sugar on a Stick/Installation/Windows

Sugar on a Stick/VirtualBox/Preparing a disk image

Proposed for Archive

Sugar on a Stick/Customization - marked draft, and "may be limited by out of date information".

Sugar on a Stick/Explore - is duplicated by Getting Started/Explore

Proposed, and seconded, for Archive

Sugar on a Stick Ubuntu - marked "may be limited by out-of-date information"

You have an Ubuntu system and you wish to try Sugar? see Community/Distributions/Ubuntu

Sugar on a Stick/Archive

Sugar on a Stick/Installation/OLPC

Sugar on a Stick Parallels

Sugar on a Stick/Linux/Non-compressed Fedora moved to sck new page --Satellit 14:16, 20 December 2011 (EST)

Sugar on a Stick/ZyX-LiveInstaller does not work in f15 f16 --Satellit 14:16, 20 December 2011 (EST)

Sugar on a Stick/Activity Criteria/Status

Sugar on a Stick/Linux/openSUSE

Sub page list for reference