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This page contains an overview of our plans for the next release. Drafts and ideas may go in here, as well as information regarding deadlines in the roadmap. More detailed pages for planning include Sugar on a Stick/Goals, Feature Blueprints for Sugar on a Stick, & Sugar on a Stick/Resources. Feel free to add requests, for example for new activities, below. They will be tracked, together with the overall progress, here.

Note: The Roadmap for the upcoming stable release of the Sugar learning platform is found at 0.114/Roadmap. And proposals at Design Team/Proposals & Features.

Sugar on a Stick is a class of distributions of the Sugar learning platform that enables installation on removable and writable media like Live USB or Secure Digital cards.


Upcoming Release: Sugar on a Stick v2 Beta Release (scheduled for 2009-08-30)

All SoaS tickets in Trac:

What is really important is that every single issue that should get resolved in time needs to be tagged with the appropriate milestone - please keep this in mind when filing tickets! Also, please support us by submitting your hardware information here!


The roadmaps for the SoaS beta and v1 final release have been moved to the archive as new development comes up. The roadmap for the way to v2 later this year is now available. New features are tracked on the Blueprints for Sugar on a Stick tab in our Launchpad site.

Preliminary Roadmap (v2)

target date milestone notes
brainstorming phase please submit ideas for features
2009-08-17 Fedora Test Day infrastructure ready kudos to Mel! :)
2009-08-18 Fedora 12 Alpha Release
2009-08-21 Sugar 0.86 Alpha Release (0.85.3)
2009-08-30 Sugar on a Stick v2 Beta Release based on F12 Alpha; not widely announced
2009-09-03 Test Day in cooperation with Fedora; confirmed!
incorporation of fixes and updates changes must arrive for freeze
2009-09-18 Sugar 0.86 Final Release immediate packaging required
2009-09-22 Fedora 12 Final Freeze
2009-11-03 Fedora 12 Final Release
2009-11-10 Sugar on a Stick v2 Freeze * no changes allowed without approval
release candidates get composed only blocker fixes permitted
2009-11-17 Wiki & Documentation must be ready including splash for main page
2009-11-22 Final Image Creation takes place
2009-11-24 Sugar on a Stick v2 Release RH Magazine Story; to be confirmed
* Freeze Policy
  • No new features are allowed to be introduced
  • Every change must be approved by the development team
  • Only blocker fixes are permitted

Preliminary Features (v2)

The development team is tracking features for Sugar on a Stick now here:

If you've any feature to suggest, please do so there. The list below has been migrated to Launchpad.


This is the list of activities on SoaS which will currently be included using .xo files. Please file suggestions here with a short note and make sure that the activity is actually on Of course, it also needs to have a maintainer!

Activity Name Sugar Activities Sugar on a Stick
Arithmetic yes yes
CartoonBuilder yes yes
Clock yes yes
Colors yes yes
FlipSticks yes yes
FoodForce2 yes yes
FreeCell yes yes
Get Internet Archive Books yes yes
InfoSlicer yes yes
IRC yes yes
JigsawPuzzle yes yes
JokeMachine yes yes
Labyrinth yes yes
Library yes yes
Memorize yes yes
Moon yes yes
Paint yes yes
Physics yes yes
Poll yes yes
Read Etexts yes yes
Record yes yes
SliderPuzzle yes yes
SocialCalc yes no
Speak yes yes
Story Builder yes yes
Typing Turtle yes yes
ViewSlides yes yes
add yours here link proposal


These packages are directly included in Fedora and will be pulled as RPMs. It's important for us to get the latest bits in SoaS, so these need to be up to date! Note: This list is outdated and needs an overhaul for the next release!

Glucose modules (F11)

Module Name Version (Sugar) Version (Fedora) Notes
sugar-toolkit 0.84.4 0.84.4 done 2009-04-06
sugar 0.84.6 0.84.6 done 2009-04-16
sugar-artwork 0.84.1 0.84.1 done 2009-03-11
sugar-base 0.84.1 0.84.1 done 2009-03-03
sugar-datastore 0.84.0 0.84.0 done 2009-03-03
sugar-presence-service 0.84.0 0.84.0 done 2009-03-04
etoys 4.0.2212 4.0.2212 done 2009-06-03
hulahop 0.4.9 0.4.9 done 2009-03-30

Fructose modules (F11)

Activity Name Version (Sugar) Version (Fedora) Notes
read 67 67 done 2009-06-20
chat 65 65 done 2009-04-01
terminal 25 25 done 2009-03-28
imageviewer 10 (to be distributed: 7) 7 to be done
jukebox 11 (to be distributed: 8) 8 done 2009-04-06
turtleart 51 41 done 2009-06-03
browse 108 108 done 2009-04-06
etoys 101 101 (part of the etoys package) done 2009-06-03
write 63 63 done 2009-03-03
calculate 30 30 done 2009-05-18
log 18 18 done 2009-04-06
pippy 31 25 to be done (will be shipped from 31)