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Sugar on a Stick Improve Deployability

The good news is Sugar on a Stick is being successfully used in Schools around the world now! Based on these experiences this is a list of some of the known challenges that people may face piloting Sugar on a Stick right now. September is start of school in the US, so we expect to see an increase in teachers trying Sugar. We want to be ready with suggestions and work arounds as people face these challenges.

Make it easier for a teacher or school to customize a spin and then copy it for a hundred kids

Tickets on this topic:

Red Hat - - RFE: create a bootable Live USB stick from the running livecd, also Sugar Labs Ticket #74.

Use Case A teacher should be able to create a USB stick, add activities, add some content, change the language, change the jabber server etc. Then create new sticks that reflect these changes but do not copy the name, color or collaboration key.

It would be great if the teacher could use an inexpensive USB hub to burn more then one stick at a time.

Stick Failure

Discussions of Stick Failure and alternative file structures is now at Sugar on a Stick/Stick Layout

Backup and recovery

Ham and Dave from Solution Grove are making progress on this. You can track progress on ticket 916 [[1]]

What is a reasonable expectation for the role of the XS in Sugar on a Stick deployments in the next 6 months?

Collaboration is unreliable and thus frustrating

Its working fairly well in the wired network at the GPA lab, but no other use case seem to work reliably. We need to expand the Poets Guide to Collaboration to give people hints on how to set up a scenario that will work for them.

Using a CD helper takes a lot of prep time before and after class

A floppy helper would reduce it. A VM solution might also reduce it.


  • Ticket #598 - Boot Helper Virtual Machine
  • Ticket #907 - change the format we use for the USB stick
  • Ticket #597 - Floppy disc Boot Helper

See also Sugar on a Stick/Goals.