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This is the general todo list for SoaS. If you've any ideas or requests, please add them here.

Task Name Priority Status/Notes
fix blockers for release 1 most important point, check rawhide, as it progresses towards beta
update remaining RPMs 1 see below - good progress done so far
get SoaS included in liveusb-creator 1 work in progress
solicit USB key donations from companies 1 info needed
draft release notes up 2 would be good to hint at liveusb-creator
add additional activities, if requested 2 which activities exactly do we want? get them on
check localization support 2 please report whether it works for you!
allow direct recreation of USB keys (cloning) 2 work in progress [1]
create a virtual appliance (builds) 2 first release is out [2] - see also [3]
get artwork and branding together 2 to be done
work on a keyboard layout control panel 3 work in progress [4]
release a helper CD for boot from USB 3 work in progress [5]
be able to backup and restore from a School Server 3 to be worked out
support printers, scanners, cameras 3 to be worked out
add content to Read & change default Browse location 3 to be worked out