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====[[File:Soas-quandong.svg|200px]]'''Sugar on a Stick v7 Quandong'''====
:Updated 02/20/2013
:Sugar 0.96.1
* download and import:
::firstboot not run
* SoaS starts at color selection
::use '''<==(Back)''' to change/personalize users name
*Setting name and color  configures the sugar identity and sets a unique ssd key
* This only happens the first time that this SoaS Appliance is started
: root password=sugarroot
: 8-GB Virtual Box hard disc
: English and English keyboard
: USA-Los Angeles (Pacific timezone)
:See '''[[Introduction to the Sugar Interface]]'''
{{:Sugar on a Stick/Pineapple/Virtual machines}}
{{:Sugar on a Stick/Coconut/Virtual machines}}
{{:Sugar on a Stick/Mango Lassi/Virtual machines}}
{{:Sugar on a Stick/Mirabelle/Virtual machines}}

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