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The Saint-Ouen deployment started in 2014 with the deployment of 25 XO-4 at the Mendela school by OLPC France.

In 2017 with replaced the 25 XO-4 by 25 tablets Lenovo Tab 2 A10-30 on Sugarizer OS bought with the help of the L'Oreal Fondation.

Children playing with Sugarizer in Mendela school at Saint-Ouen

Considering the positive feedbacks of teachers on field and its wish to deploy Android tablets in schools, the Saint-Ouen city decided in 2018 to launch a large deployment of Sugarizer in schools.

A partnership was set between Saint-Ouen city, the Inspection Academique (depending of French minister of education) and OLPC France.

First phase of deployment

The first phase of deployment has started in 2019 witch is a deployment in 3 schools: Mendela, PEF and Petit-Prince. It means about 50 class and 1000 children.

Three training session animated by OLPC France are planned between March and May with teachers of each school.

Teacher training workshop in March 2019

Devices and software

Tablets deployed are Samsung Galaxy Tab A 2018. Each schools received 2 chariots with 27 tablets in each and a WiFi . Each school is connected to a broadband internet connection.

Devices deployed at Saint-Ouen

Sugarizer OS is deployed on each tablets with about 20 android application launchable from Sugarizer OS.

Sugarizer Server is deployed on the infrastructure of city using Docker.

Sugarizer Server architecture at Saint-Ouen deployment

Next deployment step

The second phase of deployment is planned in Q4 2019 with 3 new schools. The objective is to deploy all city schools (13) by the end of 2020.

More information

Deployment updates are posted on Sugarizer twitter account.

Contact Lionel Laské for more information.