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Thank you for supporting Sugar Labs in 2010. We look forward to accepting your contributions and supporting your professional development. Google Summer of Code (GSoC) is "a global program that offers student developers stipends to write code for various open source projects."1

Sugar Labs Google SoC page:

How to participate

As a student As a mentor As the Sugar Labs soordinator
We strongly recommend orientating yourself with the Sugar Labs codebase. You can directly benefit a new software developer's coding competency, confidence levels while contributing to Sugar Labs and developing your own first-line management skills. Can you help orientate new Sugar Labs members, keep mentors advised & generally make Sugar Labs' GSoc 2010 a success? Read the blurb below!

Searching for a coordinator

We are looking for a coordinator for SL's GSoC activities for summer 2001. Responsibilities include:

  • Maintaining this wiki page for the summer 2010 GSoC season (Feb 2010 - Sep 2010)
  • Coordinating SL's application to the GSoC program as a mentorship organization
  • Recruiting mentors
  • Recruiting applicants
  • Selecting applicants
  • Supervising mentors, which largely entails making sure mid-term and end-of-summer reports are handed in on time
  • Interfacing with SLOBs to deal with collection and distribution of funds from Google

No prior experience coordinating mentorship programmes (or even doing development) is needed, though a track record of involvement with Sugar Labs spanning at least 3 months is required.

If you are interested, please add your name to the list below before 23:59:59 UTC Feb 17, 2010.. The Oversight Board will contact interested parties individually to discuss the final selection of a coordinator.

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