Summer of Code/2014

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Project candidates

A list of projects potential participants might contribute within GSoC program.

Potential mentors, please feel free to add ideas to this list. Also, feel free to add your name to a project you'd be willing to co-mentor.
Potential students, more project ideas can be found on our Features page.

Sugar Core

Title Mentor Description
Port to Python3 Walter Bender There are many reasons to port Sugar to Python 3, not the least being its support for internationalization is greatly improved over Python 2. This project is self-evident.
Cordova sugar.png
Cordova/PhoneGap container for Sugar Lionel Laské The idea is to allow Sugar Web Activities to use device dependent features. In this objective, the project will be to transform Sugar into a Cordova/PhoneGap container and to implement major PhoneGap features. Shortly, the project is to add Sugar as new supported platform for Cordova/PhoneGap. Lists of Sugar features that could be exposed to Sugar Web Activities using Cordova/PhoneGap will be: Camera, Audio/Video capture, Accelerometer, Connection, Events, File, Globalization, Media. During the project, the student will also have to demonstrate its work by writing some sample activities using device features. Example of activities is a Record like activity or a Level Tool like.
Voice Interface Martin Abente There has been good headway at NUA in providing voice recognition in Sugar. The goal of this project it so incorporate voice IO as a first-class interface to the Sugar desktop.
Assistive Interface Andres Aguirre Using a base sensor package, the goal of this project is to provide a physical sensor interface to the Sugar desktop for people with limited motor control.

Sugar Activities

Title Mentor Description
Turtle Art 3D Walter Bender Sugar is lacking any 3D programming environments. This project would be to develop such an environment. There is a rich program in 3D Logo developed by Horacio Reggini [1]. The specific project would be to write an extension to Turtle Blocks to encompass Reggini's ideas.
Music Suite Gonzalo Odiard Sugar's primary music offering, the TamTam suite, is woefully inadequate with touch interfaces. The goal of this project is to rewrite the suite to use the underlying mechanisms demonstrated in the touch-friendly Music Keyboard activity.
Video Editing Suite Gonzalo Odiard Sugar need a simple activity to process video. The interface should be simple and need run in a device with low resources as the xo.
Assistive Robots Alan Alguar In conjunction with the Assitive Interface project, the goal of this project is to provide a physical sensor interface to the Sugar robots suite (Turtle Bot) for people with limited motor control.