Summer of Code/2018/Making a Beginner Guide

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Google Summer of Code 2018 Project Proposal

Project Name: Making a Beginner Guide


Jaskirat Singh
Hrishi Patel
Rishabh Thaney
Shivang Shekhar
Samson Goddy
Abdulazeez Abdulazeez

Student Profile

Name: Pratul Kumar
IRC: Pratul1997
Telephone: +91-8107525493
Time-Zone: Jaipur , India UTC+5:30
Source Control UserName:
Sugar Labs wiki UserName: Pratul1997
Languages: English, Hindi

Open Source Contribution

  • Have you participated in an open-source project before? If so, please send us URLs to your profile pages for those projects or some other demonstration of the work that you have done in open-source. If not, why do you want to work on an open-source project this summer?
Yes I have been contributing to Open Source since September 2017.
  • Organisations :
  • Sugarlabs
  • CybrosX (Open-Source Organisation of my college Computer Club)
  • I have managed one Open-Source organization of my college.
  • My first Pull request: Removed Material CSS #14
  • Open Source is a self-learning and motivational path for me and I want to completely indulge in this practice for 3 months during this summer.

Project Proposal Information

Proposal Abstract

  • Working to make a beginner guide for the newcomers to the Sugar labs Community. A platform for guiding them how to contribute to making these:
  • Where to start?
  • What to start?
  • How to start?
  • Where to submit?
  • We need to convert the markdown and grasp the information from different places to bring all the information at a single place which can also be used as
  • The goal will be to help newcomers to get introduced in an easy way to the world of SugarLabs.
  • Working on to make a dashboard for the users so they can get to know about developed and developing areas. Their contribution can be seen also their presence can be seen in the community.