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A matrix of Sugar "solutions"

There are many ways to run Sugar: as a separate disk image on an existing machine; as a session on a Linux system; or as part of a complete hardware-software platform.

(A discussion of technical considerations regarding supported systems is found here.)


A complete disk image for Sugar
Name Sugar Version Tested Notes
LiveBackup XO-LiveCD 0.75.13-1 Yes This is a Live CD of the OLPC system


The interface, plus a set of demonstration activities
Operating System Version Sugar Version Bundled Tested Notes
binary packages available
Debian 4.0 Yes Yes Sugar on Debian
Fedora 7,8,9 Yes Yes Sugar on Fedora
Ubuntu 8.04 (Hardy) 0.79.0-0ubuntu3 Yes Yes Sugar on Ubuntu
packages not pre-built
Gentoo "[amd64] as of 2007-12-13"[1] Yes Sugar on Gentoo
MacOS X Sugar on MacOS X
Slackware 12 Sugar on Slackware
Windows XP No Sugar on Windows


Complete Sugar Solutions
Manufacturer Model Operating System Tested Notes
OLPC XO-1 Fedora-7 Yes Standard distribution
ASUSTeK Eee PC In initial testing phase
Intel Classmate Gen 1 & Gen 2 under development