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|- style="height: 55px"
|- style="height: 55px"
|[[File:Ubuntu-small.jpg|link=Ubuntu]]||[[Ubuntu]]||0.106.0||Ubuntu 14.04.2<br>(Sugar 0.107.0 in testing)
|[[File:Ubuntu-small.jpg|link=Ubuntu]]||[[Ubuntu]]||0.106.0||Ubuntu 14.04.2<br>(Sugar 0.107.0 in testing)
|[[File:Ubuntu-small.jpg|link=Ubuntu_on_rpi3]]||[[Ubuntu on rpi3]]||0.106.0||Ubuntu 16.04.2<br> (sugar on rpi3)
|[[File:Debian-small.jpg|link=Debian]]||[[Debian]]||0.104.1||Debian Stretch
|[[File:Debian-small.jpg|link=Debian]]||[[Debian]]||0.104.1||Debian Stretch

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See these links to pages on the Sugar Labs wiki for GNU/Linux distributions where Sugar has been installed.
Please note:
  • Development changes occur rapidly, and the documentation here lags the current state of systems development.
  • For the latest information on any development project, visit their work sites.
  • The 'Notes' column should indicate if the image is for pre-release testing.
Logo Name Latest
OLPCXO.png OLPC 0.107.0 (In testing) Prepared for XO laptops
Soas-avocado.svg Sugar on a Stick 0.106.0 Live CD/USB of the Sugar Learning Environment
Fedora-small.jpg Fedora 0.106.0 Primary distribution for Sugar (Fedora 23)
Ubuntu-small.jpg Ubuntu 0.106.0 Ubuntu 14.04.2
(Sugar 0.107.0 in testing)
Ubuntu-small.jpg Ubuntu on rpi3 0.106.0 Ubuntu 16.04.2
(sugar on rpi3)
Debian-small.jpg Debian 0.104.1 Debian Stretch
Trisquel icon.png Trisquel Toast 0.102.0 Based on Ubuntu
Suse-small.jpg openSUSE 0.98.8 Part of the Linux for Education (Li-f-e) series
Mageia-2011.png Mageia 0.95.1 Forked from Mandriva
Question.png Harmonic Distribution 0.94.1 See also Sweets Distribution and Sugar Network
Elementary.png ElementaryOs 0.94.1 Based on Ubuntu 10.10 & Sweets Distribution
Tuquito-label.png Tuquito 0.94.1 Based on Ubuntu 10.10 & Sweets Distribution
Fusion.png Fusion Linux 0.94.1 Remix of Fedora 16 with GNOME 3.2.1
LMD-small.png Linux Mint 0.94.1 mint 13 & mint 14 Using Sweets Distribution
Dextrose-mascotte-120x96.png Dextrose 0.92.4 Prepared for XO laptops
LMD-small.png Linux Mint Debian Edition 0.88.1
Mandriva-small.png Mandriva 0.88.0