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== Getting involved ==
== Getting involved ==

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The list of GNU/Linux distributions where Harmonic Distribution has been tested.

There are two major trends:

  • support platforms that are being used for XO laptops,
  • support Ubuntu, and all its derivates, releases in time.

Generally, Harmonic Distribution can support any RPM or DEB based distribution. Current list is limited only to platforms that are being used for Sugar deployments and the ones that are popular on regular desktops.

For new distributions, the major requirement is human help for testing new packages. If there is need in new supported platforms, please, contact us.

Some of supported GNU/Linux distributions might have derivates, distributions that are being built on its parent basis. The packages built for parent GNU/Linux distribution will work also for its derivates. Right now, the following derivates are known:

If you think that your GNU/Linux distribution is a derivate from one of supported ones but packages don't work, contact us.


This is a list of GNU/Linux distributions and machine architectures that Harmonic Distribution supports. Distributions form two lists according to how long they are being supported by upstream:

  • long term support distributions (LTS),
  • short term support distributions (STS).

The Harmonic Distribution's base software itself, also supports LTS/STS cycles. They are exactly the same as for upstream platform providers.

Supported platforms include only distributions officially released by upstream, i.e., excluding alpha and beta stages. That's due to Open Build Service, that Harmonic Distribution packages are being built on, architecture decisions to provide reliable and long standing support for built packages with minimal costs.


Long-term support.

  • Fedora-14 based OLPC OS for XO laptops (i586)
  • Ubuntu-10.04 and derivates (i586, x86_64)
  • Ubuntu-12.04 and derivates (i586, x86_64)


The following map shows what Sweets Distribution repositories are available on what platforms.

0.88 0.94 Factory
Fedora-11 x86
Fedora-14 x86
Ubuntu-10.04 x86, x86_64 x86, x86_64 x86, x86_64
Ubuntu-10.10 x86, x86_64 x86, x86_64 x86, x86_64
Ubuntu-11.04 x86, x86_64 x86, x86_64
Ubuntu-11.10 x86, x86_64 x86, x86_64
Ubuntu-12.04 x86, x86_64 x86, x86_64
Ubuntu-12.10 x86, x86_64 x86, x86_64

Getting involved

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