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How to request syndication on Planet Sugar

If you think your blog might be of interest to the readers of,
send email to <planetmaster -AT- sugarlabs -DOT- org>, providing the following information:
  • Brief introduction of your blog (who's writing and what about).
  • URL of the Atom or RSS 2.0 feed to add.
  • Please ensure that your feed only includes articles relevant to Sugar, Sugar Activities or deployments using Sugar. Use tagging if necessary. Feeds publishing unrelated stories will be dropped.
  • Proposed name or title for the feed. For example, "Sugar in Japan".
  • Attach or link a suitable (content-appropriate) Hackergotchi icon of 100x100 pixels or less, possibly in PNG format with transparency.
If you do not receive a confirmation within 48 hours, ping.
Feeds will be added and removed from the planet at discretion of the Planet Masters.

If you would like to become a Planet Master, please contact Bernie.

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