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Please add to the discussion with your answers, questions, and suggestions.

03/07/11: Started checking accommodations availability for dates 04/29/11 to 05/08/11. Most double rooms in HI Hostels are already taken. Plenty of dorm space still available at very moderate prices ($12-$15/pp/nt). Some B&B's still have space, at generally higher rates. Some have wifi available. Most include breakfasts (continental), Hostels have kitchens where you can fix what you like.

It would probably be a good idea to make a few decisions very soon so that people can make reservations while rooms are still available.

To proceed we need to know:

  • Where will the main meeting place be?
  • Do the "out-of-towners" want to try to stay in the same place?
  • What kind of public transport is available?
  • Where will the weekend events be held? Please post a map link.