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Please add to the discussion with your answers, questions, and suggestions.

03/07/11: Started checking accommodations availability for dates 04/29/11 to 05/08/11. Most double rooms in HI Hostels are already taken. Plenty of dorm space still available at very moderate prices ($12-$15/pp/nt). Some B&B's still have space, at generally higher rates. Some have wifi available. Most include breakfasts (continental), Hostels have kitchens where you can fix what you like.

It would probably be a good idea to make a few decisions very soon so that people can make reservations while rooms are still available.

To proceed we need to know:

  • Where will the main meeting place be?
  • Do the "out-of-towners" want to try to stay in the same place?
  • What kind of public transport is available?
  • Where will the weekend events be held? Please post a map link.

Update: March 9

Fantastic Aaron! [CONEXT: at least 5 flights are now purchased] Keep in close touch so we can connect directly in April by phone to make sure all are preparing thoughtfully and ready to go -- as you say, I strongly encourage you/all to edit when you can!

Until then, I'm cc'ing some of the other individuals who've also already bought flights, so all are free to begin introductions even prior to setting up a mailing list by April early hopefully.

A very preliminary menu of possibilities should begin to emerge on soon after spring has sprung -- make that autumn in the Southern Hemisphere! I will ask all your help to get this right, and make adjustments where necessary, asking all participants here to think together how we can properly thank RAP Ceibal (Uruguay's volunteer parents group!) for welcoming us.

Occasionally of course, we'll all need to make compromises and just Get On The Bus -- not a mindless tourbus however, don't worry -- I ask everyone take to heart mindful "guided discovery" a.k.a. project-based learning :)

PS please write Caryl (cc'd) if you can help her offer informal Uruguayan Spanish tips on a weekly basis over the remaining 7 weeks!