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Activity Process for Activities

Propose a Feature

The Feature can be proposed the same way than any other Feature.

Propose a Feature into an activity

The Process for inclusion of an Activity Feature into an activity release is similar to that of a Feature for Sucrose. The Feature must have an owner, there must be community consensus etc. There are two main differences:

  • As activities are not part of the Sucrose do not have to follow the dates of the development cycle. The schedule for Feature inclusion is dependent on the maintainer of an activity. The merging of the Feature Code happens between the Feature Owner and the Activity Mainteiner, too.
  • The Activity Feature Process is handled by a designated activity team member. Like the Release Manager is responsible for the Sucrose Feature Process, the activity team member is responsible for managing the Activity Feature Process.

Once the idea is described in a wiki page (following the process described in detail below) and a developer is found who will work on the idea, it can be proposed to be part of a Sucrose release cycle. (The developer will work with the module maintainer, who is ultimately responsible to review and merge the new feature.) Work on new features will be tracked in the wiki and in (where modules are referred to as "components" and features are referred to as "enhancements") and, in the case of platform features, if finished in time, they will find their way in the Sucrose stable release (See 0.88/Roadmap for details of the current release cycle.)

Note: For more background on FOSS project development, please refer to Karl Fogel's Producing Open Source Software