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DRAFT of new Licensing text as per the discussion at the 9 June 2011 SLOBs meeting

Sugar Labs adheres to the principles of Free Software. An overview of these principles is found on the website. The OSD has a set of guidelines for Free and Open Source software that well characterize the intentions of our community.

All software and content distributed by Sugar Labs, including activity bundles uploaded to, must be released under a license that conforms to the principles and guidelines referred to above.

You may use any license on the Fedora Project's list of acceptable licenses or the licenses vetted by the FSF. If you wish to use a license not on one of these two lists and believe it fits our guidelines, please contact the Oversight Board.

This policy was determined during a 2009-12-11 board meeting and revisited at the 2009-12-11 board meeting.

Please contact the Oversight Board if you have questions about our licensing policy.