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This is a page to discuss the Sugar Creation Kit.

F15 netinstall Memory Requirements

  • Now talking on #fedora-bugzappers
Fri Feb 25 10:24:26 2011

abadger1999> Anyone here successfully used the netinstall.iso for rc1 alpha? <abadger1999> In particular: <abadger1999> i'm not able to do an install -- I get a kernel oops while booting. <abadger1999> This is in virt-manager -- x86_64 processor, kvm, x86_64

  • abadger1999 tries x86 arch

<adamw> abadger1999: huh. i think it was tested. <red_alert> I know of people who were using TC1 and TC2 idea about rc1 <abadger1999> Still bad. <abadger1999> trying to unpack the rootfs <abadger1999> IIRC, I got this when I built my rawhide vm too... that's why I ended up installing F14 and then upgrading. <red_alert> maybe another 32bit problem? ;)

  • abadger1999 goes to find the x86_64 netinstall.
  • abadger1999 checks if qemu works where kvm didn't

<wwoods> abadger1999: how much RAM? <abadger1999> wwoods: 512MB <wwoods> not enough <wwoods> F15 will need at least 640MB <wwoods> maybe 768 <abadger1999> wwoods: Okay.

  • abadger1999 makes a vm with more ram

<abadger1999> wwoods: Is that something we can have the virt-manager guys change as a default? <wwoods> I have a fix for that in the works but it's kind of invasive and may not be ready 'til F16 <wwoods> probably! <wwoods> ISTR they do per-OS defaults, so we could have them default to 640/768MB specifically for Fedora 15 guests <abadger1999> <nod> <abadger1999> Sounds good.

  • abadger1999 booting netinstall with more memory now

<abadger1999> wwoods: thanks! that was exactly the issue. <wwoods> yeah, we're going to be seeing a lot of that one <wwoods> tell your friends

<adamw> you get all kinds of weirdness trying to run f15 in 512MB <adamw> it seems like it's nearly but not quite enough :) <adamw> should probably mention that in commonbugs too <fenrus02> adamw, 32b or 64b? <adamw> fenrus02: 64 <fenrus02> adamw, limited testing, but i think it works if you do not use lvm

<wwoods>initrd.img is ~350 MB Uncompressed

This may be related to the fact that anaconda no longer has a stage 2 (from nirik fedora-qa)02/26/2011

Meego + Sugar

  • Notes #sugar 06/23/2011
* mschuessler ( has joined #sugar
<mschuessler> i'm trying to use sugar on the wetab
<mschuessler> wich is a handheld - would virtual box drain the battery pretty fast?
<kevix> there are deb and rpm pacakges for sugar but dont know how it would install on 'meego'
<mschuessler> which
<mschuessler> i am actually quiete close
<satellit_afk> no it will be slower. Otherwise I have no suggestions... 
<mschuessler> meego has a yum as package manager
<kevix> if you do try it, add your results to the sugarlabs wiki, if you can :)
<mschuessler> i already did
<mschuessler> it compiled succesfuly
<mschuessler> however - the project im working on aims at running suagr on top of meego
<mschuessler> runing sugar on the weetab stanbdalone wont be a big problem
<mschuessler> i would just install fedora and put the sugar-emulator on it
<mschuessler> if you dont midn i would like to post the error message here when i try start the suagr-emulator on meego - maybe its just a missing depencie or something the like
<mschuessler> it runs an 1.66 GHz Intel Atom N450
<satellit_afk> yes I have a ACER ASPIRE ONE N450 here and it works great....
<mschuessler> what operating system?
<satellit_afk> runs fedora fine
<mschuessler> yeah fedora would run on the wetab too
<mschuessler> but as i said - the project im working on aims at running thesugar interface on top of meego - so you could easly switch betwenn the two
<mschuessler> well and to the current state i managed to compile sugar and install all dpeencies i am aware of but i get the following error
<mschuessler> i have the feeling im really close to get it running
<mschuessler> The error is "no module named decorator" btw
<alsroot> mschuessler: you need to install python-decorator package (or how it is named in your distro)
<mschuessler> hey thx
<mschuessler> funny thing is - i just did
<satellit_afk> keep trying....people with knowledge are here at different times . also use mailing
<mschuessler> and it fixed the error - yay!
<mschuessler> now i get a dbus exception
<mschuessler> is that a familiar problem to you guys?
<alsroot> mschuessler: could you pastebin it
<kevix> mschuessler: could you say what kind of educational environment this is for?
<mschuessler> a school
<mschuessler> kids are aged 14 and up
<kevix> interesting.
<mschuessler> its an experiement - if kids would get along with a handheld in school
<kevix> there is the scratch and etoys environment which might be good be computational thinking/programming
<kevix> 'getting along' in an educational setting = ?
<mschuessler> well my project manager defintly wants etoys
<kevix> OLPC/Sugar is working on the XO-1.75, which is the precursor for the xo-3 (marvell ARM tablet). so they are working on how they will transition to a tablet paradigm
<mschuessler> yup i know
<mschuessler> put xo-3 is not here yet - an we get a couple of handheld devices for free
<mschuessler> so why not use sugar on those
<mschuessler> its a much better interface than the meego one (if use for education)
<kevix> hopefuly you can publish your result for olpc/sugar to see
<mschuessler> yup we will
<mschuessler> we document everything we try and what has worked and what not
<mschuessler> here is the current error btw:
<satellit_afk> do you have a wiki ? with these results? 
<kevix> mschuessler: have you seen the videos from the recent edujam 2011 in Uraguy?
<mschuessler> no i havent seen them
<mschuessler> sry its
<mschuessler> were about wld i find those (videos)
<mschuessler> we do not currently run a wiki
<mschuessler> is guess publishing our results in the sugarlabs wiki would be a better aproch anyway
<satellit_afk> You may want to link it here:
<alsroot> mschuessler: Re: -- do you have sugar-datastore installed? does "datastore-service" command start well?
<kevix> mschuessler:
<mschuessler> no it doenst - apparantly cjson seems not to be installed proberly
<mschuessler> i will fix this and tell you guys if i made a any process
<mschuessler> i have forwarded your sugestion to publish our apraoch under Community Distributions in the suagr wiki to my project manager
<mschuessler> it works! awesome!