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I would like to propose that Sugar Labs reconsiders adding a membership structure for donors. It appears this was already discussed in the oversight board meeting that took place 2008/09/19, as indicated in the meeting minutes excerpt:"We also discussed the idea of members dues, but reached consensus that it wasn't a good idea at this stage." (

As a potential donor, I see the following benefits to implementing a membership structure:

  1. It is easier to introduce other potential donors to the project when one brandishes a fancy membership card.
  2. Annual membership payments would match nicely with the annual salary requirements of paid developers.
  3. Membership tenure (in the form of cheaper renewals, bounty points, etc . . .) could be used to entice existing members to renew their memberships.

Some examples of other non-profit organizations that utilize a membership based donation system:

  1. The Planetary Society (
    • Founded in 1980
  2. Free Software Foundation (
    • Provides members with bootable membership cards
  3. Electronic Frontier Foundation (
    • Receive a T-shirt and/or hat with membership