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Activity table

 Activity   Pedagogy   Fedora repo   ASLO *   Pootle   Usage page   Development page   Tickets   Smoke test   Journal   Collaboration  Meets SoaS Criteria Comments
browse ? ? ? x
calculate ? ? ? x
chat ? ? ? x
etoys ? x ? x
imageviewer ? ? ? x
jukebox ? ? ? x
log ? ? ? x x
pippy ? ? ? x
read ? ? ? x
terminal ? ? ? x
turtleblocks Unclear whether tutle-blocks or turtle-art is in Fedora, which page is linked from ASLO
write ? ? ? x
abacus In review x x x
maze ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? x
memorize x x ? x
physics ? x x
ruler x x x x x
sliderule x x x x x
visual match x x x
 Activity   Pedagogy   Fedora repo   ASLO *   Pootle   Usage page   Development page   Tickets   Smoke test   Journal   Collaboration 

Meets SoaS Criteria


* Note that to be included on ASLO, an activity must have a license as described here.

Activities to add to the table

more activities to evaluate: xoirc, moon, labyrinth, typing turtle, tamtam suite, speak, measure, turtleart, implode, scratch, slider, jigsaw, flipsticks, phototoon, record, infoslicer, ...

Ideas for revision

Have a criteria, or want to revise one? This is the section to do it in.

Add your own idea here

Be sure to describe:

Rationale: Where does this requirement come from and why is it important?

Test: how we can make sure that the requirement is met - what sort of testing needs to be done to verify this?

Instructions: links to instructions on how Activity authors and maintainers can fulfill the requirement, if possible.

IDEA: Color code activities listed based on criteria fulfilled

Rationale: Gives a visual cue for developers that one or more criteria are not complete or accurate.

Test: Activities are listed in RED until each criteria has been addressed and filled in with an active link.

Instructions: Add activity to list. Test each criteria and set status appropriately. When all criteria are fulfilled, color of activity changes to BLACK.

IDEA: Add +/- ranking to criteria in table

Rationale: Add ranking to criteria to encourage better documentation.

Test: Validate if minimum criteria has been met. Subjective assessment follows to determine + or - ranking.

Instructions: By default, a checkmark (and hyperlink) is placed in the table for each criteria met. If the documentation at the link destination is an excellent example, add a + to the checkmark in table. If it's poor or incomplete documentation, add a - to the checkmark.