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SoaS Fedora matrix

disc image files
alpha -- Fedora 10 (unavailable as of 04 October 2009)
alpha, beta -- Fedora 11
beta -- Fedora 11
v1 Strawberry Fedora 11
v2 alpha, beta -- Fedora 12
(includes builds for the XO-1 hardware
and the .zip file contains a .vmdk virtual appliance for VirtualBox or VMware)
v2 Blueberry Fedora 12
v3 alpha, beta -- Fedora 12 (presently)
v3 Nightly Composes soas -- Fedora 13 (Goddard)
v3 Mirabelle
  • The snapshots subfolder number now matches the release lineage version number. Before 04 October 2009 it referred to the Fedora version since the original SoaS (1 = Fedora 10, 2 = Fedora 11, 3 = Fedora 12), but the subfolders have be repurposed (the older filenames, e.g., Soas2-YYYYMMDDHHMM.iso, still bear the original series number code).
  • Beginning on 04 October 2009, SoaS and SoaS-XO-1 images share the same codebase. Image filesnames follow a simple numbering scheme beginning with soas01.* for Sugar on a Stick and soasxo01.* for that codebase with the XO-1-specific kernel.
  • Nightly SoaS Spins are now being built on Fedora's nightly -composes page (If it is blank, the build did not complete)

Page restructure needed

Let us please use this SoaS/Linux page primarily to provide background support for the installation of the stable SoaS release reported on the main SoaS page, and provide links to sub pages for all the other distributions and experimental and exploratory variations.

This page would be more valuable if it provided more easy to follow detail and explanations for the Linux installation steps and an index to the other options advanced users or developers might want to investigate.

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