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Proposed Archive method

This requires clarification, but I propose multiple editors could mark target pages on Sugar on a Stick/Project sitemap with a letter as follows:-

  1. Where a new page name/title is desired, once the new content is ready, moving the old page title to the new title, and then pasting the new content over the old, is best for preserving the full history of that page topic.
  2. Obsolete themes and content can be moved to the background in explicit 'Obsolete' or 'Archive' subpages, e.g., Activity Team/Obsolete, Archive/Current Events.
  3. Please confirm if this is satisfactory for preserving the history of the page concept.
    Yes, page moves include the history, and optionally, the subpages.
    To keep the main subpage listing shorter and less cluttered, we should perhaps organize the archive under Sugar on a Stick Archive. --FGrose 23:09, 4 December 2011 (EST)
  4. Copy the new version to the current version of the target page.

Where method b) is desired, I am not clear if this wiki offers an automated method to achieve:

Sugar on a Stick/Old Page to be renamed Sugar on a Stick Archive/Old Page

--Inkyfingers 04:55, 1 March 2012 (EST)