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(Operating System and Sugar stacking)
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Ludovic F
Ludovic F
: Yeah, I'm not fully convinced about Ribose either. I guess it could be considered like a generic name for the various Sugar live cds and images which will be produced. I guess we need to define our distribution channels more specifically and then we re-evaluate naming. -- [[User:Marcopg|Marcopg]]

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Operating System and Sugar stacking

The block diagram contains Ribose as part of the operating system, whilst it is defined as:

> Ribose is the set of hardware-centric software components that have been developed
> throughout this project. It includes the XO kernels, OHM, any init-script customizations,
> etc. Ribose should be construed as including all components necessary to boot the system,
> enough to install Glucose if it has not yet been installed

Why this discrepancy?

IMO the Ribose definition is XO orientated (biased?) and this would make the software stack more complex to understand if we have to define it based on the hardware it runs on.

In fact part of the stack is defined as a 'Sugar environment, ready to be installed through a package manager' in other sections of the document, clearly making these elements platform agnostic [see: http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/Taxonomy#Sucrose:_The_interface.2C_plus_a_set_of_demonstration_activities].

Ludovic F