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OLPC:Sugar Control Panel

Some thought should go into maintaining this reference, Sugar Control Panel and not diverging resources. --FGrose 15:15, 8 December 2011 (EST)

How To clear Sugar of these keys and the name and color entries

  • To clear Sugar of these keys and the name and color entries, enter the command rm ~ rf /.sugar in the Terminal activity. Then shutdown sugar su shutdown -h now . This will clear all Learner information and let you start with a fresh install. Skipping this will result in collisions in the Neighborhood view of the Jabber network. Verify the presence of the .sugar directory by entering ls -a in Terminal.
  • To reset only the ssh keys, in order to keep the Journal and installed .xo Activities, use rm ~/.sugar/default/owner.key* in the Sugar Terminal, and then shutdown sugar su shutdown -h now. This leaves the Journal entries and removes only the previous Learner's identity key files.
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