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The Utah Open Source Foundation is sponsoring once a month hackfests for the OLPC (XO) 4th Grade Math's Curriculum.

The UTOS-XO team has a mailing list to coordinate local activities and development. We encourage status updates to continue to be on the 4gm mailing list.

So far, we have 11 members of our team.

SL/Davis/Weber Counties

Utah County

  • Richard Holden
  • Jason Corbett

Cache County

  • Andrew Hamblin

We will probably divide this team into two geographically located teams for convenience. Salt Lake and Utah counties tend to be good choices for team borders. If more folks start appearing north of Salt Lake County, it's possible to splinter a little more.


Currently, we're working on four xo activities from the list:


2009-04-22 - Assigned tasks


Created Team for signup purposes

  • Goal: Recognize classes (in particular, odds, evens; factors or multiples of a given number; and squares) to which a number may belong, and identify the numbers in those classes. Use these in the solution of problems.
  • Members
    • Doug Glenn

2009-06-09 - Assigned tasks


2009-04-22 - Assigned tasks


2009-04-22 - Assigned tasks

More details to come.