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Template for a one-line summary of an Activity

icon no name given:

Download: [{{{activity_bundle_url}}} Activity-oneline] (v.?)


Use this template to provide information about a version of your activity, suitable for activity list pages such as the Activity group Activities/G1G1/8.2.

The template embeds the Activity microformat so that utilities such as Software update in the Sugar Control Panel can parse the version information.

 |icon                     =  web.png
 |activity_name            =  Browse
 |activity_description     =  A web browser
 |activity_id              =  org.laptop.Web
 |activity_bundle          =  Browse.xo 
 |activity_bundle_url      =  http://dev.laptop.org/~marco/Browse-95.xo
 |activity_bundle_name     =  Browse (G1G1) <DEPRECATED> 
 |activity_bundle_branch   =  Browse (G1G1)
 |activity_version         =  95


Browse icon Browse: A web browser

Download: Browse (G1G1) (v.95)